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  • Oliver Boon

Theatre meets Critic. Writer meets Blog

I have been living in LA for the past two years as an Actor/Writer/Sound Mixer (It comes to my attention the more slashes you have in what you are, the less serious you become) and have enjoyed an abundance of theatre throughout my time here.

I never thought of Los Angeles as a theatre city. When you think of theatre, first place you think of in America is New York. Then Chicago, San Francisco, Boston...not LA. The city gets this Rep for being THE place for TV and Film but here's the thing. In the age of Creating Your Own Work, more and more independent theatre is being created and when you have such a huge community of talented actors hungry (figuratively and literally) to show what they can do if they just got the opportunity, theatre is the perfect outlet/showcase.

Anyways, the point of the matter is, I watch a lot of theatre, I enjoy a lot of theatre, I talk a lot of theatre, so I might as well write about theatre. Have I said theatre enough times? Theatre.

So that's what this Blog will be. A continuous series of reviews where I stream my thoughts of the shows I see onto one site so I can improve my critical writing . Let's see how this goes...

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