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Since the age of about 15, I have developed the absolutely unhealthy habit of watching a minimum of 1 film each day to the point that it is weird for me not to.

Hence I am setting myself the goal of writing a review every time I watch a film for as long as I possibly can before getting bored or giving up or both.

I have wanted to write a blog about films for several years now and I've decided to since I have this website for my acting profile, I might as well use it for a blog as well. (Translation: It's my website so i'll do what I want with it!)

I don't expect this blog to kick off and gain a following. It's simply a chance for me to create a memory bank of the films I've watched and consider why I liked a film so much.

If you do however have the time and patience to actually read through my ramblings, I hope I can share with you my unequivocal love for film.

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